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    Our 6 offices are staffed with certified-trained, local travel consultants and expatriates who share a passion for Myanmar and Travel. This invaluable local knowledge enables us to recommend only the best places on your tailor-made Myanmar tour and provide you expert, personal assistance every step of the way.

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    When Myanmar open for visitors?

    Yangon – Apr 25th 2022. Myanmar is now officially opening for travelers who were vaccinated and meet the criteria to secure an online e-visa. A PCR test is needed before…

    Mandalay Travel Guide

    Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and sits on the banks of the famous Irrawaddy River. It is a popular spot in any Myanmar trip. Capture a magic…

    Best Restaurants in Yangon

    As the main gateway to Myanmar, Yangon offers something for every type of palate and budget. Traditional flavors from all over Myanmar mixed with international fusion and fare waft through…

    Best restaurants in Inle Lake

    Inle Lake is one of the main destinations in Myanmar, located in western Shan State. There are several major ethnic groups living within this state all with their own identity…

    Best Places for School Trips in Myanmar

    For the student groups seeking the most adventurous and rewarding journey in Asia, there is no country equal to Myanmar. Also known as Burma, it is one of the undiscovered…

    Buddhist Temples & Pagodas in Myanmar

    Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar. Burmese people adopted Theravada Buddhism back in 1057 but the earliest Buddhism-related temples date back to the 9th by the Pyu and Mon people.…

    Bagan Travel Guide

    Bagan is one of the most fairytale-like places in the world. The area contains more than 2,000 small and big temples (pagodas) dating between the 11th and 13th centuries. Thanks…

    Which language is spoken in Myanmar?

    With the ethnic diversity of 135 groups, Myanmar has about 100 languages spoken throughout the country. They represent four major language families (Sino-Tibetan, Austro-Asiatic, Tai–Kadai, and Indo-European). If you are looking…

    The ultimate guide to Customs and Etiquette in Myanmar

    “Different countries, different customs.” Before travelling in a new country, it is better to understand its customs and etiquette. Myanmar culture is basically based on Buddhism and so much of…

    Mandalay Weather

    Mandalay is one of main attractions in Myanmar. Choosing the appropriate time to visit Mandalay is one of the crucial factors to consider. How the weather likes in Mandalay? When…

    Yangon Weather: General information & Best time to visit

    Yangon is the former capital of Myanmar, filled with golden pagodas, historical sites, museums, and busy markets. As the main gateway to Myanmar, Yangon attracts lots of people to visit almost…

    Myanmar Weather: Climate and Best Time to Visit

    Weather is always an important factor to make a wonderful trip in each destination you visit. To help travelers to plan a perfect Myanmar trip, Myanmar Travel would like to…


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