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    Our 6 offices are staffed with certified-trained, local travel consultants and expatriates who share a passion for Myanmar and Travel. This invaluable local knowledge enables us to recommend only the best places on your tailor-made Myanmar tour and provide you expert, personal assistance every step of the way.

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    Maha Gita - Classical Music of Myanmar

    Music has an important role in every culture. It can bring people closer together. Myanmar traditional art is a reflection of outstanding features which may surprise travelers. One of them…

    Best Restaurants in Mandalay

    Mandalay was the final royal capital of Myanmar before the kingdom was annexed by British in the late 19th century.  Nowadays, Mandalay is a bustling, modern city ringed with ancient…

    Best hotels in Yangon

    Yangon is the biggest city in Myanmar and a base to reach to other attractions within the country. When Myanmar opened its door about 10 years ago, travelers were easy…

    Myanmar Currency - Money Suggestions for Travelers in Myanmar

    Myanmar is the attraction destination thanks to the diversity in culture, friendly people and untouched nature. One of the important things is to know about the currency used in the…


    Monywa is the largest city in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. It is located 136 km north-west of Mandalay city, on the eastern bank of the Chindwin River. Monywa serves as a major trade center for…

    SIM Cards in Myanmar

    Mobile network in Myanmar has been developed rapidly. If travelers come to Myanmar before 2013, buying a new SIM card was just a dream. There was only state – owned…

    Souvenir in Myanmar

    Myanmar attracts more and more people to come every year. In each trip, travelers love to bring home nice memory of the trip.  The easiest way to do that is…

    Irrawaddy River - Famous Waterways of Myanmar

    The Irrawaddy is the largest and most important river in Myanmar. Its name is a form of the Sanskrit word Iravati which refers to the river Ravi in northwestern India…

    Where is Myanmar located?

    1. Location Myanmar is situated in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China on the north and northeast Laos on the east Thailand by the Southeast Andaman sea and Bay…

    How to get from Bangkok to Yangon

    Bangkok and Yangon are two biggest cities in their countries as Thailand and Myanmar. Known as a hub of international flights, Bangkok is ideal connection point between Myanmar and other…

    Myanmar Traditional Clothes

    One of the most unique images you can see when traveling Myanmar is that both men and women wearing long skirt. It is one kind of traditional clothes in the…

    Best food in Mandalay

    As the country’s last royal capital, Mandalay has its own history and many famous sites to visit. However, it is also famous for its own unique foods. Myanmar Travel would…


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