Barber shops in Yangon, Myanmar

    Every gentleman needs a go-to place where he can sit back, relax and experience exceptional art of grooming and services in a gentleman’s club atmosphere which is masculine and therapeutic and a solid glass of scotch to whisky away from stress of the day. It’s worth knowing which amongst the thousands are the best barber shops in Yangon as every now and then you need to have a cut or a shave. Here are the five best luxury barber shops in Yangon,

    1.Burman Barber shop

    Burman Barber shop in yangon

    Burman Barber shop

    The is a place where you would be asked whether you would like to have coffee or whisky once you go in. The shop with awesome 1980s decoration, you will feel like you are back in a country club in the 80s, with jazz music. You can do reservation in advance by phone or you can book online too. They speak English and you don’t need to worry about the misunderstanding between what you want and the barber. Excellent service, friendly staffs, luxurious atmosphere, and reasonable price, this place has many good reviews on their Facebook page, too.

    Prices: 11000 kyats for Hot Shave
    11000 kyats for Beard Trim
    18000 kyats for Hair Cut
    Location: 90, Bogalayzay street, Yangon
    Contact: 09 953 726200
    Hours of Operation: 9am to 9pm everyday

    2.Rangoon barbershop

    This barbershop is located in Golden Valley, one of the renowned areas and residences of the richest people of Yangon. They will serve you whisky or vodka, too. There is a translator who translate from English, German, Russian, and even Kazakh to Myanmar. The services on offer range from hair-cut, shaves to facials, beard trimming and massage in washing, although with the hair-cut priced at 20,000 kyats to 30,000 kyats depending on junior or senior hairdresser, they have discount for children under 12 years old and walk-in is also welcome. The stacks of imported grooming products heaped around the place give it a rough and ready but functional appeal.

    Prices : 20000 kyats to 30000 kyats (Junior and Senior) for haircut
    : 20000 kyats for beard trimming
    : 10000 kyats for hair wash
    Location :10, Golden Valley road, Bahan township, Yangon
    Contact : 01525069
    Hours of Operation : 10am to 9pm everyday

    3.Tony Tun Tun

    If the old-fashioned gentleman’s vibe isn’t for you, head to Tony Tun Tun hair-saloon which has around 25 branches in Yangon. Tony Tun Tun, the founder of these saloons, is the very famous hair dresser of several celebrities, actors and singers in Myanmar. The saloon is for uni-sex and this is a barbers with attitude, where you’re more likely to leave with a freestyle design shaved into the back of your head than you are to get a manicure. By the time you’re done, you’ll want to check out one of the many amazing hip hop clubs in Yangon. The services include coloring hair, beard trimming, washing, manicure and pedicure, and even body massage.

    Prices : 8000 kyats for haircut and beard shaving
    : 10000 kyats for manicure or pedicure
    Location : 192 ,(03-050)3floor ,Junction City Center, 28th St, Yangon ( one in downtown)
    Contact : 09 45566 6606
    Hours of operation : from 9 am to 9 pm everyday

    4.Fraser Barbershop

    This barber shop is one of the famous and old ones in Yangon. The location is next to the biggest colonial period building of South East Asia. The shop is famous among local and foreigners as you can have hair tattoo too apart from normal cutting and trimming in a good atmosphere and the place is also cozy. And, they used to host special hair seminars with International hair designers.

    Prices : 8000 kyats for haircut,
    : 8000 kyats for hot towel shave
    Location : 162, 1st floor, 46th street, Anawrahta road, Botahtaung township, Yangon
    Contact : 09775040400
    Hours of operation : 9 am to 8 pm ( closed on Monday)

    [email protected] Barber shop

    This barber shop is a very unique one in Yangon. The decoration is inspired by Bagan temples, and it’s completely traditional and classic with antique things. Since the shop was opened in 2009, they have many regular customers. The price is also very affordable and reasonable but of course you won’t be served welcome drinks like Vodka or Whisky or even a coffee. But this shop will give you the taste of authentic Myanmar barber shop with modern products and techniques.

    Prices : 7000 kyat for any haircut
    : 5000 kyats for beard trimming and shaving
    : 11500 for hair coloring
    : 5000 kyats for facial scrub and wash
    Location : No. 18/B, Thukhawadi Street, Yankin Township, Yangon
    Contact : . 09 979606040
    Hours of operation : from 9 am to 6:30 pm except on Monday

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