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    Bagan, preserved as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its pagodas which were built in a 40 kilometer squares in the dry and plain area of the middle part of Myanmar, between 11th and 13th centuries. Taking to the sky to experience a memorable birds-eye view of Bagan from a hot air balloon is top of many people’s bucket lists and it is not hard to explain the reasons.

    Why should do ballooning in Bagan?

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    One of the best things to do in Bagan is to watch sunrise and sunset. However, sunrise from the balloon is incredible with endless view of red temples, green lands, farms and other balloons littering the sky. You can enjoy a bigger picture of the vast zone of the middle part of Myanmar. Exploring the closer look of Bagan by biking is interesting, but seeing the magical panoramic view of Bagan from a balloon is amazing. Also for the travel photo hunters, balloons are waiting to take you to the sky for excellent shots.

    Hot air balloon safety

    Hot air ballooning usually takes place at wind speeds of up to 10 miles an hour. Also the wind has to be stable, otherwise you will end up feeling giddy in a balloon swaying to and fro like a pendulum. In Bagan, balloon season is from the beginning of October to the middle of April.
    The pilots are internationally trained and experienced, neither single incident or accident is happened yet. As the pilot can control only the height, being floated in the balloon by wind direction is definitely an adventure.
    Your pilot will give you a throughout safety briefing before the fly. Children under 8 years old are not allowed to fly because of insurance and safety reason. Children from 8 years old and above are allowed to participate in this activity, provided that they must be able to see over the edge of the basket. Client who weights over 128kg (280lb) has to pay for two tickets. Besides, you must expect that the landing will be at a different place.


    hot balloon air in Bagan 4How to choose a hot air balloon tour?

    There are currently 4 main companies who offer the hot air balloon tour in Bagan:
    1- Balloons Over Bagan,
    2- Golden Eagle,
    3- Oriental Balloons 
    4- STT Ballooning .
    You will see three different colors of balloons- green, yellow and red. Green color of balloons are from Oriental Ballooning, yellow ones are from Golden Eagle and red ones are from Balloon over Bagan. No matter which tour you decide to book, all of them give the same experience and services such as picking up from hotel to take off point, breakfast before taking off and of course you can expect a balloon tradition that will be champagne toast and a slice of cake or seasonal fruits upon landing.
    Balloons are categorized into two classes which are “Standard” and “Premium”. Standard class is for 16 people and Premium class is for 8 to 12 persons. One better thing about Oriental Ballooning is that they offer only “Premium class”, therefore, 8 persons or 12 persons will fly on a balloon depending on the total weight of the people

    hot balloon air in Bagan 9When do flights take off and how high they go?

    In Bagan, flights take off at sunrise only. You will be picked up from the hotel to the field located just outside of Old Bagan. Coffee and cookies will be served while you can enjoy watching the balloons being inflated with air and heated by its furnace. Once the sun rises, your balloon will lift off the ground and your journey will begin!
    You will be floated for 45 minutes in the sky over the temples at least 900 ft. to 2000 ft. from the ground
    How to dress?
    At 5.00 am, it’s cooler up in the air than on the ground. You should consider wearing layers with a light jacket and pants. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet for 45 minutes.

    An occasion to remember
    At the end of the trip, tour companies generally hand out certificates or medallions to commemorate the event.

    hot balloon air in Bagan 5Is it really worth the price?

    Comparing with ballooning in other countries, taking to the sky over Bagan would be a little bit more expensive. But, with its panoramic view of the mystical land of 1000 years old temples in a tropical misty landscape, peanut farms, palm trees and sunrise from a hot air balloon is epic. It is a reason why ballooning over Bagan has always been on top list of many travelers’ bucket lists.

    How much does it cost for ballooning in Bagan?

    The hot air balloon riding over the sky of Bagan costs around 340 USD for an hour a person. You can have a slight discount on the price if you buy the tickets through local tour agents. During the peak season of ballooning in Bagan, from December from February, please make sure to book in advance as seats are sold out quickly.

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