Best food in Mandalay

    Best food in Mandalay

    As the country’s last royal capital, Mandalay has its own history and many famous sites to visit. However, it is also famous for its own unique foods. Myanmar Travel would like to share a list of delicious food native to Mandalay which do not have the same taste as other areas.

    1. Mont Di (Noodle Salad)

    Mont Di is a famous breakfast not only in Mandalay but also around Myanmar. It is thick rice noodle mixed with chicken, fish balls, onion and a few other ingredients. The white rice noodles will become yellow by adding chicken pea flour, red chili paste and oil.At the Mont Di shops, you can order two different size rice noodles: Nan Lat (Medium – sized) and Nan Gyi (large – sized). Nan Lat is popular in Yangon and other regions, only the locals from Mandalay eat Nan Gyi. When you visit Mandalay, for the breakfast made sure you have one, its delicious and yummy.

    Mont Di (Noodle Salad)

    One of the best place you can eat Mont Di is Daw Taw Shop. It is located near Strand Road in the western part of the city. It was opened about three decades ago. The place is

    usually crowded as it is well-known so if you are planning to go, we suggest going earlier in the day Besides, you can eat at Soe Soe Restaurant at 31st street or Shwe Pyi Moe Tea Shop which is next to Sedona hotel.

    2. Mee Shay

    Mandalay Mee Shay is popular Burmese rice noodles served with meat sauce and arrays of toppings. There are several versions of Mee Shay in Myanmar but Mandalay Mee Shay has a bit more toppings compared to another ones. It is regarded as the speciality of Mandalay.

    mandalay MeeShay

    The best famous place to enjoy Mee Shay in Mandalay probably is a small shop at 16th Street. It is located on the roadside with low stools setting, always crowded with the customer from 08:30 to 15:00. For only US$1, you get a bowl of rice noodles with pork, sauce and some other ingredients, plus a super bowl of pork ribs soup. The sauce of Mee Shay includes coriander soya bean sauce, garlic, and chili oil. The soup is cook with the broth simmered from pig bone to create a strong perfume for the dish.

    You can find other good stalls selling Mee Shay at 80 street or Aung Taw Mu.

    3. Bow see (Bun)

    Bow see Bun mandalay 1 1

    Bow See is the other name you could not miss in the list of must-try food in Mandalay. They are fluffy and soft steamed buns which are made fresh daily. The size of the bao is moderate and the ingredients vary from meat to vegetables.  In general, this dish looks like a Xiao Long Bao in China. The most well – known restaurant is Man Myo Daw Bow. It is located on 30th Street (between 77th and 78th street). It is opened from 4.00AM to 10.00PM.

    4. Fried Cricket

    Fried Cricket mandalay

    It may sound strange to you but it is one of the favorite seasonal food in Mandalay. It is served only in October and November.

    This dish is easy to prepare. After wings, faecal sac and head are removed, the cook will put pinch of salt, a dash of turmeric, ginger and garlic during frying to make an unforgettable flavor. You can find a fried cricket court near Zay Cho market. The name of the shop is Thazin Oo Fried Cricket.

    5. Wat Thar Dote Htoe

    They are pork skewers simmered in light soy sauce which is popular street food in Burmese cuisine. The skewers are dipped in a garlic and chili sauce. The pork sticks are not just meat but come from other parts of the pig such as lung, heart, intestine, kidney, tongue…

    Wat Thar Dote Htoe mandalay 1

    When you arrive, you will be served with different trays of pork stick. You no need to eat all but freely choose any sticks you like. The pork stick will come with delicious hot soup with vegetables, and even salad will be offered. By the end of the meal, the servers will count the number of sticks and charge money.

    You can find many stall selling pork skewers along Mandalay streets.  Tut P is a famous one. sUnlike other stalls, they really use premium thick skewers for their pork.

    6. Lemon Fish

    Lemon Fish

    It is one delicious food you should not miss in Mandalay. The chef will steam fresh fish steamed garlic and tangy lime. The sweet, tangy, sour, and little spicy making it incredibly delicious. It is good option to combine with Myanmar beer.
    You can enjoy this at Tet Nay Win restaurant at 68th Street. It is opened from 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm

    7. Mandalay Htoe Moat and La Mote

    Mandalay Htoe Moat

    Htoe moat is a glutinous rice cake which is topped with cashew nuts, raisins and cream butter. It has a sweet taste. You have a chance to reduce the sweetness by ordering the plain version without cream butter and other fruit toppings. Myint Myint Khin and Tin Tin Aye are most the famous brands available in Mandalay.

    La moat originates from the traditional Chinese moon cake. However, it has developed its own taste and style over the past 100 years.

    Both of them are made using roasted glutinous wheat flour to make the soft outer dough covering. A paste made using sweet bean or white sugar which is mixed with margarine is inserted into the middle before the cakes are baked. Of all the famous foods from Mandalay, this one is a must-try. They are popular gift travelers want to buy after visiting this city.

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