What you need to know COVID 19 in Myanmar

    Coronavirus in Myanmar & Updated Myanmar Travel Advisory
    The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having significant impact on travel and dining around the globe. Southeast Asia is not exceptional. Travel business is badly suffering.
    This week March 30th 2020, some countries has been closed and local government work real hard to stop the outbreak. First is Vietnam, then Laos, Myanmar lock down their country.
    There is a lot of urgent action from each government has been implanted. Food for local people is not a big issue because Southeast Asia produce so much of food for the World so local people has enough food available at stores.
    The speed with which the outbreak is unfolding has created an atmosphere of uncertainty for travelers wondering how should they respond.
    We encourage travelers to check for the most recent and relevant updates. At this website updated with travel services and travel news of Myanmar
    It is not the time to plan a trip, you could research and wait until the Pandemic is in controlled.
    If you had booked the trip with us, you should delay the trip and continue to travel after the pandemic is over. Our Travel Consultants keep in touch with you and reply any question you may need in within 24 hours.
    Until now March 30th 2020. 100% of the clients of Myanmar Travel have get home safely.
    Out team of Myanmar Travel working online from home to support clients and keep you updated with situation in Myanmar

    We’ll keep you updated on the latest news about covid-19 in Myanmar

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