Myanmar Transportation

Traveler to Myanmar may wonder how to get around in Myanmar. Compare to other neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, infrastructure in Myanmar has long way to go.
With the experience of my 2 years living in Myanmar, I find it is not difficult at all. There are so many types of transportation from the very basic to the comfort level. Some of them even surprise you. I will share to you what I have seen, experience and love or hate about transportation in Myanmar.

1.Private Car
Private Car/Van is the most convenient way for foreign visitors to travel around Myanmar.
This qualified Travel agent provides private car/ van for Myanmar holidays, they are all in great condition with air-con and professional driver.
They are very convenient for both leisure travel & business travel to all cities in Myanmar

Traveling between major cities in Myanmar, plane is first choice for travelers.

3.Luxury Cruise
There is some luxury cruises on Ayeyarwady River. Contact Myanmar Travel consultant for more details and promotion rate.

3.Boat in Inle Lake
Inle lake is one of the top attractions in Myanmar. The Intha people use 1 leg to row their boat.


More  leg rowing boat. Bring tourists to floating garden, “five day” market and some remote area of the lake.

It is abit tiring to travel in Myanmar by train but short ride in the city for fun is recommended.

5.Public City Bus.
It is not quite comfortable in the public city bus with out air-con.

6.Horse Carriage Taxi in Bagan.
It is short ride to discover the temple in Bagan. Local driver really know where to take you for the most interesting trip in Bagan.

Most of the local taxi are not metered. You need to bargain before get on the taxi.

8. Shared taxi
Mostly for local people to get around the city. It is always packed with much more people than its capacity.

9.VIP luxury bus.

10.  Day Boat in Ayeyarwady River

While traveling in Bagan, the highlight is visiting the temples but you could also have choice to take some drinks in the sunset on Ayeyarwady River

Nice leisure biking in the neighborhood of Bagan

12- Carrying by human in Golden Rocks
Hiking way to the top of Golden Rock is steep. Local people could offer you this service.

13- Bus up to the Golden Rocks
From foot of the mountain, private car/van is not allowed.
Local organizer arrange this truck to take you halfway to the hiking point.

14- Rickshaw
Mostly for local people to get around in the busy city.

15. Motorbike
In Yangon, motorbike is now allowed but other parts of Myanmar, Motorbike is pretty convenient for local people to travel around.

Yangon Railways Station


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