Best Hospitals in Yangon

    Yangon some people still call the old name Rangoon, is the capital of the Yangon Region and the largest city of Myanmar (Burma). Yangon served as the capital of Myanmar until 2006, when the government relocated the new capital city of Naypyidaw 5 hour drive away

    Yangon has population of over 5 million people, Yangon is Myanmar’s most populous city and its most important commercial center. There was almost 4.4 million foreign visitors to Yangon in 2019. In this article Myanmar Travel listed contact of top 10 hospitals in Yangon in case you may need.

    10. Asia Pacific Medical Centre

    Like Academy Private Hospital, this is another private hospital with international medical service standards.

    Address: 98A, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township,Yangon,Myanmar (1.125,26 km)
    Yangon, Myanmar.
    Phone: +95 1 553 783

    Asia Pacific Medical Centre in yangon

    9. Pun Hlaing International Hospital

    If your destination is or nearby Hlaing Thayar Township, visit Pun Hlaing International Hospital for checking your health problems.

    Address: Pun Hlaing Golf Estate Avenue, Hlaing Thayar Township, Yangon
    Phone: +95 1 368 4323

    Pun Hlaing International Hospital in yangon

    Pun Hlaing International Hospital

    8. International SOS Clinic Yangon

    Besides public and private hospitals, you can choose a reliable clinic for medical care and International SOS Clinic Yangon is one of them. The clinic opens from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

    Address: Inya Lake Resort, 37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
    Phone: +95 1 657 922

    International SOS Clinic Yangon

    International SOS Clinic Yangon

    7. Australian Embassy Medical Clinic and Dental Surgery

    This famous clinic and surgery is also a recommended place with Australian standards and a team of professional doctors.

    Address: Unit 206, Golden Hill Tower, 24-26 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan
    Phone: (01) 558353

    6. Home Medicare Service Clinic

    Check out Home Medicare Service Clinic if you are in Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

    Address: No. 30 Shwe Taung Tan Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).
    Tel: +95 1 225791

    Home Medicare Service Clinic in yangon

    Home Medicare Service Clinic

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    5. Academy Private Hospital

    Academy Private Hospital offers qualified doctors, coupled with high-quality medical services. Therefore, it deserves to be one of the top private hospitals in Yangon.

    Address: 335 Lower Kyee Myin Daing Road, Htar Nar Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).
    Tel: +95 1 229 746

    Academy Private Hospital

    4. Pacific Medical Center

    Pacific Medical Center is reliable for medical care.

    Address: 81 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road , Bahan , Yangon , Myanmar (Burma).
    Tel: +95 1 548022

    3. Sakura Medical Centre

    Visit Sakura Medical Centre if you have any health problem while you are in Yangon tours.

    Address: 23 Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).
    Tel: +95 1 510 079

    Sakura Medical Centre in yangon

    2. Asia Royal General Hospital

    Asian Royal General Hospital has a reputation for high-quality services and talented doctors.

    Address: 14 Baho Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon
    Phone: (01) 538055

    Asia Royal General Hospital in yangon

    Asia Royal General Hospital in Yangon

    1. Shwe Gon Dine (SSC) Specialist Centre

    Shwe Gon Dine (SSC) Specialist Centre, as its name states, is a reliable place for medical care.

    Address: 7 Shwe Gon Daing (East) Street, Bahan, Yangon
    Phone: (01) 544128 or 544116

    SSC - Shwe Gon Daing Hospital in yangon

    SSC – Shwe Gon Daing Hospital

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